Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are organic plants any different and do they mind being planted in non organic soil?

A.   The  difference is they have not been forced by slow release fertilizers in the pot. Our plants have slightly less forced  growth on top but have a far superior root system. This enables them to grow quicker into more robust plants.  They will grow in any good soil .

Q.  How often do I water them once planted.

A.  Give the plants a soak in a bucket before you plant them and water again once planted. Water regularly in hot weather to keep moist while the plants are establishing,  do not over water,  a good soak once a week is often enough.

Q. If you buy in plant plugs how can the plants be organic.

A. Plants from a non-organic supplier can not be sold as organic. We will pot them on in our own organic compost when they arrive here and they will then be grown on the same way as all our other organic plants.All our soil association plants will have a symbol on the label. Non organic plants have no symbol.

Q. Can we buy Peat.

A. If you have Ericaceous  plants they need acid soil. Use composted bark or a Peat called  Moorland Gold which has been collected through water filtration. See below;

Moorland Gold growing mediums are made from a natural occurring peat product, which is collected through water filtration.  It must be stressed this is a result of natural erosion with man playing no part in its formation.

Every time it rains, particles of peat and leaf mould are naturally washed into streams and rivers, which in turn are deposited into lakes and dams.  These particles are collected and processed to produce a fine, dark medium that has all the benefits of commercially dug peat and much more besides.


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