Campanula elisabeth

Campanula Takesimana Elizabeth

Campanula takesimana Elizabeth

Large pink bell flowers up to 5cm long are bourne freely from June to July.

Bees and other pollinators love it.

Common Name:  Korean bellflower.
Family:  Campanulaceae.
Description:  Dense Perennial.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type:Campanula takesimana Elizabeth.
Habit: Compact.
Fragrance: Slight.

Flower:  Deep pink.
Foliage: Bright green.

Ultimate Height:  80cms.
Ultimate spread:  80cms.
Time to ultimate height:  3 years

Light: Average.
Aspect: Partial shade.

Plant Resilience
Hardiness: Full
Low maintenance:
Easy care.
Drought resistant:  Moist fertile soil.

Soil Type

Soil PH: Neutral.
Moisture:  Moist soil.

Season of interest: Summer.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:

Herbaceous Borders

How to care
Pruning: Cut back in Autumn
Pests: Slugs when young.


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