Coreopsis American Dream

Coreopsis rosea American Dream

Coreopsis rosea American Dream

This delightful little plant is useful for the front of the border providing masses of pink flowers from July to Sept.

Good for Hoverflies and Bees.

Common Name: Tickseed
Family: Asteraceae
Description: Summer flowering pink daisy.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type: Coreopsis rosea American Dream
Habit:  small dense clump.
Fragrance:  Slight.

Flower: Bright pink with yellow eye.
Foliage: Fine feathery

Ultimate Height: 50cms
Ultimate spread: 40cms
Time to ultimate height:  2 years

Light: Good
Aspect: Sun

Plant Resilience
Hardiness: Full
Low maintenance:
Easy care.
Drought resistant:  moist free draining soil.

Soil Type
Soil PH: Neutral.
Moisture: Moist free draining.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:

Long summer bloom and airy foliage provide good accent in borders or rock gardens. Good small area ground cover. Also effective as an edger for borders, foundations and walks/paths. Naturalized areas, native plant gardens or cottage gardens.

How to care
Pruning: Cut back in Autumn.
Pests: None


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