Heliopsis Helianthoides

Heliopsis Helianthoides

Heliopsis Helianthoides is as vigorous as its name! It is a wonderful easy to grow Perennial useful for hiding that ugly fence or filling in a space at the back of the herbaceous border. Covered in bright yellow daises from August to November.

The plants in our nursery are always covered in bees and butterflies.

Common Name:  False Sunflower.
Family:  Asteraceae.
Description: Hardy Perennial.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type: Heliopsis Helianthoides.
Habit: Upright.
Fragrance: Slight.

Flower: Yellow daisies.
Foliage: Dark green.

Ultimate Height:  1.5 metres.
Ultimate spread:  2 metres.
Time to ultimate height:   3 years.

Light: Full .
Aspect: Full Sun or Partial shade.

Plant Resilience
Hardiness:   Full.
Low maintenance:  

Soil Type:
Soil PH:  Neutral.
Moisture: Free draining soil.

Season of interest: Late summer.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:




How to care
Pruning: Cut back in Autumn.
Pests: None.


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