Leptinella Squalida Patts Black

Leptinella Squalida Platts Black

Leptinella Squalida Platts Black is a creeping Herbaceous plant ideal for Damp borders or to fill in cracks between paving and rocks.  With almost fern like green and bronze leaves and white flowers in summer. Great ground cover for damp shady corner.

Common Name:Brass Buttons.
Family:  Asteraceae.
Description: Herbaceous Perennial/Alpine.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type:Leptinella squalida Platts Black.
Habit: Creeping.
Fragrance: None.

Flower:  White daisies.
Foliage: Dark green, bronze feathery.

Ultimate Height:
Ultimate spread:  60cms plus.
Time to ultimate height:

Light:  Partial.
Aspect: Partial shade.

Plant Resilience
Hardiness:  Full.
Low maintenance:
Drought resistant: Needs moist soil.

Soil Type
Soil PH: Acidic/Neutral
Moisture: Moderate.

Season of interest: Evergreen foliage. Summer flowers.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:

Ground cover.




Filler between paving.

How to care
Pruning: None.
Pests:  None.


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