Lobelia Queen Victoria

Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria

Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria has stunning dark red leaves with vivid scarlet flowers from July to August. Looks wonderful in a moist border or bog garden. Plant in good moist soil in the sun or partial shade.

Common Name: Cardinal Flower.
Family: Campanulaceae.
Description: Herbaceous Perennial.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type: Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria.
Habit: Upright.
Fragrance: Slight.

Flower: Scarlet.
Foliage:Dark red.

Ultimate Height: 90cms.
Ultimate spread: 40cms.
Time to ultimate height: 2 years.

Light: Sun/partial shade.
Aspect: Moist soil.

Plant Resilience
Hardiness: Full.
Low maintenance:
Drought resistant:  Needs moisture.

Soil Type
Soil PH: Acid/Neutral.
Moisture: Very moist.

Season of interest:  Summer.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:

Wet borders.

Bog gardens.


How to care
Pruning: Cut back in the Autumn.
Pests:  Slugs.


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