Primula Denticulata

Primula Denticulata

Primula Denticulata or Drumstick Primula provide some lovely bright early colour.I grow these Primula from seed so there are a lovely selection of purples,pinks and white.They are hardy and will grow almost anywhere with a bit of moisture in the soil. Good early pollen for Bees.

Common Name:  Drumstick Primula.
Family: Primulaceae.
Description: Herbaceous Perennial.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type: Primula Denticulata
Habit: Compact leaves with flower spikes.
Fragrance:  Slight.

Flower: Pink/Red/White/Mauve.
Foliage: Bright green.

Ultimate Height: 30cms.
Ultimate spread: 30cms.
Time to ultimate height:  2 years

Light: Partial
Aspect: Moist soil. Sun or shade.

Plant Resilience
Hardiness:   Full.
Low maintenance:

Soil Type
Soil PH: Acid/Alkaline/Neutral.
Moisture: Moist soil.

Season of interest: Early-Late Spring.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:

Accent: Good Texture/Form 
  Alpine & Rock 
  Cut Flower 
  Deer Resistant 
  Rabbit Resistant 

How to care
Pruning: None.


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