Rhodohypoxis baurii

 Rhodohypoxis baurii is a delightful South African tuberous plant with bright pink flowers all summer. It is ideal for Alpine troughs or gravel gardens. In Africa it grows in areas of high rainfall in summer and dry in the Winter .I have grown this plant for over 30 years and find it tolerant of cold if kept dry. Plant it in 75% gravel.

Common Name: Rhodohypoxis baurii
Family:  Hypoxidaceae.
Description:Tuberous Perennial.

Plant Characteristics
Plant Type: Alpine.
Habit: Sunny free draining.
Fragrance: none.

Flower: Shades of pink and white.
Foliage: Dark green,grass like.

Ultimate Height:  10cms.
Ultimate spread:  30cms.
Time to ultimate height:   2 years

Light: Full.
Aspect: Sun,well drained.

Plant Resilience
Hardiness:    Half hardy
Low maintenance:
Needs to be kept dry in winter.
Drought resistant: Fully.

Soil Type
Soil PH: Alkaline,Neutral.
Moisture: Small amount.

Season of interest: Summer.

Suggested planting locations and garden types:

Alpine troughs



How to care
Pruning: Leaves die down in winter.


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