About our plants

Specialist growers of organic,peat free plants.

Here at Caves Folly Nurseries all our plants for the garden, perennials and alpines are grown in organic, peat free compost, making us a popular choice for the wildlife friendly gardener. Plants are available from our plant list or directly by paying a visit to our plant nurseries .

Here in the plant nurseries all our plants are grown in Peat Free, organic compost without any Chemicals.

Organic plants are labelled with our Soil association symbol.

Non organic plants with a blank label or coloured label.

In the plant nurseries we grow and supply a wonderful selection of Herbaceous Perennials and Alpines.

Our mail order potted plants:
Most of the plants we grow are  on our plant list. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the list please email me bridget@peatfreeplants.org.uk and I will send you a plant list.
Mail order plants are sold in mainly two sized pots 9 cm and 1 litre. This dimension relates to the diameter of the pot.  All of these plants are sent to you ready for immediate planting.  Plants will be delivered from March to November. All plants come with a descriptive plant label.Rest assured we won’t send the plants to you if it’s not an appropriate time of year.


  • Trade customers
  • If you require plants for a landscaping job, retail sales, or want us to contract grow for you please email bridget@peatfreeplants.org.uk for a wholesale plant list or for further information.

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