On this page we have listed  businesses and charities which we have had the great pleasure and honour to work alongside in one shape or form over the years. Their pedigree’s speak for themselves and and we have always  been proud to be associated with all of the businesses and charities mentioned below. Like us, they all strive to make the world a better and healthier place by protecting the  environment and the eco systems that all creatures ultimately depend on.


National Trust:
Protects and opens to the public many historic houses and gardens, as well as industrial monuments and mills. They also look after countryside sites

soilAsslogoSoil Association
The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct connection between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health.

Melcourt-Industries-LimitedMelcourt Industries
Natural bark and wood based mulches, soil conditioners and improvers, safety, walk and equestrian surfaces, and bio-filter materials.

hedgehogThe British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Looking after our hedgehogsand making dure no harm comes to them.

YeoValley-Logo_Print_GREEN-Straight-LargeYeo Valley
Yeo Valley Organic is part of a family-owned farming and dairy company based in the village of Blagdon in the Yeo Valley.

threecountieslogoThree counties showground
With over 250 days of country shows and events throughout the year, everyone can enjoy a great day out at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern

logo_transAll About
A well-established community magazine for the area West of the Malvern Hills. 7,000 copies get hand delivered by a local team of deliverers in Colwall, West Malvern, Mathon, Cradley, Coddington, Storridge, Bosbury, Wellington Heath and Ledbury. This very rural and relatively affluent area benefits from a wealth of community activity and small businesses, often operating from a local shop or from home.

worcestershire-wildlife-trustWorcestershire Wildlife Trust  
Worcestershire Wildlife Trust works towards an environment rich in wildlife for everyone. We own or manage over 70 nature reserves throughout Worcestershire 

live197729_herefordshire-wildlife-trust-charity-logo-15Herefordshire Wildlife Trust   
We are a member of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, a federation of 47 Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the British Isles, with over 800,000 members.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 21.18.22The Local Product Company
The Local Product Company was established to bring together local producers in one location.  This includes one person companies, family run businesses or larger, more established companies.  As long as they produce something within the UK or Ireland that people want to buy then you will be able to find them here either now or in the near future.

rhs_logo1Royal Horticultural Society
We’re a UK charity established to share the best in gardening. Our work is driven by our simple love of plants and the belief that gardeners make the world a better place.

An organisation helping businesses and individuals reduce waste, develop sustainable products and use resources in an efficient way. 

We’re the government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, helping to protect England’s nature and landscapes for people to enjoy.

Garden Organic logo MAINGarden Organic
Henry Doubleday Research Association. Advice and Heritage Seed Library. Your garden is your own little patch of the world to look after. Most gardens are quite small, but there are 15 million of them in the UK. If all of these gardens were cared for organically, it would create a much better environment – for our families, plants and wildlife.

the-organic-garden-at-holt-farm-L-2n57mmThe Organic Gardens ~ Holt Farms ~ Contemporary Organic …Five acres of contemporary organic garden in the heart of Yeo Valley in Somerset. Open the public. Organic Garden Tours Available. As we have been gardening organically for a number of years, the decision for the garden to follow suit and obtain the Soil Association’s certification in 2010 was a “no brainer”. Our re-named Yeo Valley Organic Garden (YOG) is one of only a handful of organically certified ornamental gardens in the country.